More about our Programs and Practice Memberships 

Our memberships and programs are designed to keep abundant health needs as well as your budget in mind. If one of our programs is recommended, enrolled in, and completed; we offer an optional FLEX membership for continued care if desired. This comprehensive and individualized strategy to your health provides the most powerful approach to healing as it encompasses the root cause of dis-ease identification, one on one doctor consultations, one on one health coaching, unlimited portal messaging, deep savings on specialty lab testing, integrative nutrition, savings on supplements, and lifelong improvements. This basically means when you successfully complete any program with us, you won’t have to deal with the health concerns you presented with us EVER again! You will also gain many additional positive health attributes and education that you did not realize you were without. Ready to find a holistic approach to your health with Core Flex Wellness?

The CORE Intensive program begins after an initial visit consultation ($399) and on the day you register.  The FLEX Premier Program is available without the initial consultation and is individualized based on the results of two specialty tests, the GI Map (stool) and DUTCH Plus (urine/saliva) as well as a comprehensive online intake.

Monthly payment plans are available for those that prefer financing.

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Why Partner With A

Functional Medicine Practitioner?

Caring for your health properly is so much more than just the basics of eating right and exercise. With current medical research, we have discovered that the body is a complex collection of organs and systems and even bacterial colonies (the microbiome) that greatly impact each other. While the standard of care hasn’t quite “caught up” yet with most of the current science, conventional doctors and “specialists” are still treating parts of the body separately without taking into account the fact that these areas greatly impact each other.

When you are healthy, they work together like a symphony in perfect harmony. But when one of these systems is off-balance, the whole symphony is out of tune! When you need a “tune-up” so to speak, not only do you need to look at areas that aren’t working right but also be sure everything is balanced with the rest of your body. Sadly, most people receive medications to treat symptoms associated with a body part that “isn’t working” when in reality, it’s a systemic issue that needs to be treated in a completely different way.

At our practice, we follow a more modern “functional medicine” approach that does advanced testing, treats your body and uses up-to-date nutritional science to help you rebalance and finally heal. This in-depth approach is the only successful way of treating chronic illness because most chronic illness have many causes. Instead of simply addressing different symptoms across separate areas, functional medicine seeks to treat the underlying root cause – while looking at lifestyle factors such as diet, environment, emotional health, and mindset that usually brings on the illness patients are seeking to heal.

CORE FLEX Programs & Memberships

Basic Wellness
Our Introductory package for those that are reasonably healthy.
4 Appointments
Program Feature
Program Feature
Program Feature
Program Feature
Premium Wellness
Our premium package for those that need additional support.
12 Appointments
Program Feature
Program Feature
Program Feature
Program Feature
CORE Intensive ProgramFLEX Premier ProgramFLEX Perform Program
DescriptionFor the adult with multiple chronic health concerns. Addresses the root cause of imbalances and emphasizes lifelong positive lifestyle changes. This is a very individualized, intensive, and long term health-promoting programFor the adult without chronic health issues, no medications and no autoimmune conditions. This is a self paced and online program that offers individualized and one on one support based heavily on gut and hormone testingFor the adult athlete seeking additional performance from their current training program. Endurance, gut function, recovery, muscle development, sleep, mood fluctuations, and/or energy will be addressed and improved with this program.
Duration and Pricing6 Month Program
3 Month Program
6 Week Program
One-on-One Dr. Visits632
Optional monthly one-on-one visits with a certified health coach✔️
Unlimited private messaging with Dr. Amy✔️
Discounts on our online Full Script supplement dispensary15%25%20%
Deep discounts on all laboratory testing✔️GI Map and DUTCH Plus (included in program fee)OMX organic metabolomics and GI Map (included in program fee)
Educational email series✔️✔️✔️
Affiliate CORE Card
Learn More
SelectSelectComing Soon

FLEX Membership

This option is available only after a CORE Intensive or FLEX Premier program is completed

FLEX Membership:6 Months $1250


12 Months $1760


One-on-one visits with Dr. Amy Denicke35
Optional 3 hour health coaching packages (regularly $450)$360$300
Unlimited private messaging with Dr. Amy✔️✔️
Discounts on recommended supplement pricing using the online Fullscript dispensary10% off15% off
Email education series✔️✔️
Deep discounts on specialty testing✔️✔️
Affiliate CORE Card ✔️✔️

Menu of Other Services and Packages:

  • Initial chiropractic consultation/exam/1st adjustment: $140 
  • Single-visit chiropractic adjustments: $68/visit ($60 Core Intensive Program member price)
  • Far Infrared Sauna: $1/minute (optional detox supplement day packs $2.75 each)
  • Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach sessions: $150/hr

Take The First Step Today On Your

Journey Back To Health

Do you have questions before you make a decision on becoming a client? Maybe you want to learn what the difference is between functional medicine vs standard care. Or maybe you found us through a web search for a functional medicine chiropractor near you and want more information. Our office is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have. We are proud to serve the communities in Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Grand Junction, and other surrounding areas in CO.

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“No More Brain Fog”

Replace this copy with a teaser of what the patient shared in the video. That way, website visitors are more likely to watch the video.

“No More Brain Fog”

Replace this copy with a teaser of what the patient shared in the video. That way, website visitors are more likely to watch the video.

“No More Brain Fog”

Replace this copy with a teaser of what the patient shared in the video. That way, website visitors are more likely to watch the video.

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