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Core Flex Wellness and Chiropractic?

Have you been told your lab results are fine, yet you don't feel fine?

Perhaps you were sent home with a prescription without really getting to the bottom of your low energy or chronic aches and pains? 

After seeing this happen with so many people, Dr. Denicke sought out additional training in functional healthcare to pair with her chiropractic services to offer a more complete type of healthcare.

Now she offers deeper testing to discover the real reasons clients aren't feeling well, identifying the underlying imbalances with gut health, hormonal issues, nutrition, and high levels of inflammation.  She partners with clients to provide the personalized care they have been looking for and has an amazing team of referrals and team members.

Dr. Amy firmly believes the difference between Illness and Wellness is the “I” and the “We”.  WE do it together.

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An integral part of Core Flex Wellness and Chiropractic’s approach is a collaborative relationship between our doctors, the coaches, and the client.

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In Our Patients Own Words

  • I am a family practice physician and been have searching for answers for my own health care issues for the past few years. I read about functional medicine and how it looks at the root cause of issues with natural treatment plans.
    I found Dr. Amy Denicke 9 months ago and am so grateful for all of her help!! She thoroughly explained all testing options, then after the testing was complete not only met with me, but had a very thorough written plan. She did an excellent job supporting me through the treatment program. I finally started to improve and actually had some energy for the 1st time in a of couple years!!! I did have severe stress after that time, but Dr. Amy was right there to help me. She did further tests then set a new treatment plan. She also made sure to encourage me to stay strong, focused, and upbeat during the process!!

  • Dr. Amy Denicke is gentle, thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, effective, informative, confident, collaborative, supportive, and compassionate. I’ve had some really good experiences with medical doctors, deep tissue workers, coaches, guides, and teachers. Amy embodies all the qualities and roles above so profoundly, that I have complete confidence that, with her help, I will be able to heal myself. Put more simply, Amy Denicke is a wizard healer.

  • When Dr. Amy first asked if I was ready to make a lifestyle change, I had no idea what was in store for me. Thanks to her functional health care expertise, I am truly a new person. My physique, blood levels, diet and overall health have drastically improved. I receive compliments on a daily basis. Dr. Amy is my chiropractor, Functional Health Care Practitioner, inspirational coach and a true healer. Without a doubt, Dr. Amy has changed not only my lifestyle, but my life forever. Dr. Amy’s commitment to healing is above and beyond any professional I’ve ever encountered. She believes in identifying the cause of your health issues, is attentive to all sources of your discomfort and has the knowledge to address every situation.

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Do you have questions before you make a decision on becoming a client? Maybe you want to learn what the difference is between functional medicine vs standard care. Or maybe you found us through a web search for a functional medicine chiropractor near you and want more information. Our office is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have. We are proud to serve the communities in Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Grand Junction, other surrounding areas in CO as well as nationwide.

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Coreflex Wellness is located in Basalt, CO, and serves clients throughout Aspen and Glenwood Springs. These areas include but are not limited to Snowmass, Carbondale, New Castle, Palisade, Grand Junction, Telluride, Durango, Montrose, Eagle, Edwards, Frisco, Boulder, and Denver.

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