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4 Types of Fasting Diets Explained: Which is Best for You?

Fasting has quickly become the hottest trend in the health and fitness world. It’s easy to see why with a laundry list of health benefits like weight loss, longevity, cancer prevention, and more.  Feeling the pull to try fasting but a bit overwhelmed? I feel you. With so many types of fasting diets out there, […]

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Endocrine Disruptors: How Plastics Wreak Havoc on Your Hormones (And How to Avoid Them)

Feel like your hormones are out of whack? If you’re a woman, maybe painful periods have you dreading your monthly cycle like the plague. Or your weight keeps creeping up, even though your diet hasn’t changed.  Maybe you even did your homework and tried nixing soy and adding in hormone-friendly supplements -- all to no […]

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The Best Tests for Thyroid Function (Hint: TSH, T4 Aren’t Enough)

If random symptoms like weight issues, hair loss, and brain fatigue have you scratching your head, it may be time to check your thyroid function. Chronic thyroid imbalance can wreak havoc on your health. Sadly, many people struggle with confusing thyroid symptoms for YEARS before getting a diagnosis, which can damage the body. Conventional medicine […]

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5 Reasons Why Seasonal Eating is Better for YOU

No matter the time of year, you can walk into a supermarket and see a broad variety of produce at your fingertips.  Today it’s so easy to transport food long distances that we take it for granted that we can eat fresh berries in January or have avocado on our toast every day.  Yet many […]

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How Stress Affects Your Gut

Stress is omnipresent these days.  That word means that it is always around us.  Financial constraints, relationship challenges, health problems, or "you name it", the stress of it all can negatively affect your gut and vice versa. Stress is never ending and as human beings in this society, we have a strong desire to deliver […]

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Spring Cleanse with Prolon FMD! Join us for our Fast Week April 11-15

YAY!  Spring is HERE!!  This is the best time to cleanse the body when the temperature is warmer and its time to come out of a winter dormancy and get renewed.  Join us April 11-15 (Sunday-Thursday) where we will be doing a five-day cleanse using ProLon Professional Fasting Mimicking Diet's (FMD) methods and foods!  We […]

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New Year 2021 Fast Week with ProLon FMD! January 10-14

Please join us for our New Year's 2021 Fast Week Challenge January 10-14, where we will be doing a five-day fast using ProLon Professional Fasting Mimicking Diet's (FMD) methods and foods!  We typically do our Fast Week's two to three times a year as a group. Please like our Facebook and Instagram page for all […]

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How to Protect Yourself and Others From the Corona Virus - Core Flex Wellness

The research shows that the virus is affecting the elderly and immuno-compromised primarily.  All others should be safe and cautious and follow general immune-strengthening practices of social distancing set in place by the CDC.  The research has shown that the elderly have a lower antioxidant status which is why they may be more susceptible to virus […]

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How to Know You’ve Found the Perfect Chiropractor For Your Autoimmune Ailments

While chiropractics is an established science as well as an art, and while there are many reputable schools training future chiropractors, the fact that this kind of healing touch is still considered to be an alternative form of medicine has kept many people away from these practitioners. Add to this the fact that oftentimes the […]

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