When Frustrating & Unexplainable Symptoms Limit Your Outlook on Life, Preventing You From Feeling Confident and Complete

Healthcare has no doubt been changing. With the state of our nation, you have become hyper aware of your physical and mental state of health. However, working on surviving in these times, your personal health may have been put on the back burner in an effort to wait out the current events.

You define yourself as relatively healthy, and you are not actively taking multiple prescription medications, you have not been told you have an autoimmune condition, yet you desire to connect with a doctor to stay in front of your health while being generous to your overall financial budget. You just want to make sure you can be as healthy as you can right now which means the Flex Premier Program is designed for you.

You already practice a healthy lifestyle for the most part, you monitor what you eat, you have a basic understanding as to how your diet and stress may change over time based on circumstantial lifestyle challenges. You are self-driven to follow some online health-based guidelines of the program, knowing you will have infrequent, but consistent access to a healthcare expert throughout the process. Then the Flex Premier Program is for you.



Designed for individuals who are:

  • appearing relatively healthy.
  • not taking multiple prescription medications.
  • educated on healthy eating.
  • aware of stress triggers.
  • self-motivated to take action
  • looking to stay connected with a health and wellness doctor long term.

Side Effects & Expectations

Side effects may include: Improved sleep, increased energy, heightened awareness and mental focus, along with healthy digestion and balanced hormonal responses. The duration of this program has been set at three months to allow for detoxification, healing and repair to gain positive traction and momentum toward your body’s optimal function.

A three month duration is also a proven timeframe to develop new habits based on the comprehensive and downloadable material included. The majority of our practice members continue with these strategies long after the program is over because as their body cleanses and transforms, the experience just gets better and easier overall. This program is a deep reset addressing gut and hormones.

The New Flex Premier Program DETAILS

Click HERE for Pricing and Details

The New Core Intensive Program DETAILS

Understanding the root cause of your health conditions using specialty lab testing based on
a comprehensive health and medical history is key. . We ASSESS, not guess.



GI Map and DUTCH Complete Specialty Testing:

DUTCH Complete Test Kit: $510 $489

GI Map | GI Microbial Test Kit: $424 $404

Keep in mind: These prices already include Processing, Handling, Shipping, and Interpretation Fees. You may personally submit these tests to your health insurance as many plans qualify these tests for insurance reimbursement.

An Expert Evaluation of Results:

An individualized one-to-one Zoom™ consultation where you get interpretation and evaluation of your personal GI Map + DUTCH Complete results. This appointment is typically an hour long.

Full Access to the FLEX Premier Program:

This three month wellness program includes an "all- systems re-boot" food guide with grocery lists and tons of recipes. 

You will also gain full access to 60+ online course modules that provide education on multiple aspects of how to maintain your health investment for the rest of your life.  Examples are how to reduce your environmental toxic burden, bio-hacking tips that will calm your nervous system,  and other methods of creating a better space for your body to be healthy and function at its optimal state.  These modules will educate and empower your potential for long term health way beyond the three months of this program.   

A Customized Supplement Recommendation

A detailed supplement and dosage schedule based on your individual needs for the duration of the program. Utilizing therapeutic doses of certified grade, high quality supplements. ***

Two 30-Minute One-to-One Zoom™ Consults

During the course of the program to evaluate progress, answer questions, and hold accountability during and after the program. Ongoing support is also available in an interactive community chat forum.


$2,255 $1820

Quality & Quantity Guarantee:

Our Preapproved Dispensary will provide therapeutic levels of highly sourced and certified nutrients not found in store-purchased brands. You can also rest assured knowing that these supplements will not contain unnecessary binders and fillers found in generic brands. The quantity of supplements recommended will carry you through the entire 3-month program.

25% Supplement Discount:

We would like to discount your entire recommended order by 25% when ordering through our preapproved dispensary. Consider this a gift in exchange for better outcomes provided by better supplement support. It is important to us that you are in the best position to maximize your results.

Customized Supplements ***

Due to the varying nature of needs from person to person, recommended supplements are not included in the program fees listed above. To help you prepare, a hefty 12-week supply of superior grade supplements can range somewhere between $200-$600+/-. These recommendations are based on test result findings. Fullscript™ will email the recommendation list after the report of findings and protocol review. Payment, delivery and customizations will be fully managed by Fullscript™.

Click HERE for Pricing and Details

Optional Upgrade:

Available at check out

Comprehensive Thyroid Panel: 

+$165 $387

If you know or suspect that you have thyroid issues, a full evaluation of thyroid hormones and conversion rates are critical when addressing gut and hormonal issues.

Thyroid hormone receptors are essentially on every cell of the body.  Thyroid support will most likely greatly improve the program outcomes if support is warranted. If warranted, thyroid based recommendations will be incorporated in to the program.

Common thyroid imbalance symptoms include: 

Fatigue, brain fog, constipation, heartburn, high cholesterol, muscle aches, joint pains, stiffness, thinning hair, poor memory, heavy or irregular menstrual periods, body temperature dys-regulation, motion sickness, weight gain or inability to gain weight.   If you have one or more of these symptoms, you qualify for this upgrade.

Markers tested: 

TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Total T3, Reverse T3, TPO and Anti-Thyroglobulin antibodies.

This upgrade requires a blood draw at a LabCorp facility (draw fee is included) or through an approved phlebotomist (fee TBD). 

Amy Denicke DC, IFMCP

Founder & Doctor

Prior to her chiropractic degree, Dr. Amy owned Core Flex Inc, a functional training gym in Aspen, as a corrective exercise practitioner. In 2011, she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree and education from Life University in Atlanta, GA. Since then, Dr. Amy has obtained a board certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFMCP) as well as other certifications and professional achievements that identifies Functional Medicine as her passion. She specializes in GI disorders, Pain, Hormones, and Detoxification.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I can’t spend much money; I am on a fixed income and have only limited resources.” Believe me, I hear that a lot… and here’s what I told Janine, a 48-year-old single mother: “Let’s assume you could get back to vibrant health within a year… waking up energized, without aches and pains… steady mood throughout the day…. clear and sharp mind…. ready to tackle anything the day may bring… what would that be worth to you?

So what people are really asking is, “Is It worth the investment?” – and the answer is absolutely! We have payment plans, financing options, and payment flexibility – and we currently have many clients on a fixed income!

“I’ve been to so many doctors and specialists… yet nobody seems to have an answer. How do I know this will work for me?” The basic question is… can I help everyone? And the answer is NO.

• If you’re looking for a quick fix, a magic pill… then this type of healthcare isn’t for you.

• If you’re not open to new ideas or willing to actively participate in your care… then this isn’t for you either.

But I can and do help most people who want to help themselves too!

• If you’re looking for a natural approach to finally resolve your chronic health issues for good… • If you’re ready to address the root cause that’s been keeping you stuck…then you’re in the right place.

It’s very simple. Click on one of the payment options above and enroll in the program!

As it turns out, we are out of network with insurance, Medicare, Medicaid but certain items are HSA/FSA eligible expenses.

If you’re located nearby, we’re happy to see you in person – but it’s not necessary. We work virtually with individuals located anywhere in the USA.

Depending on your out-of-network benefits, you may get covered for some of the specialty labs that we contract with. Superbills can be provided to you for submittal, although there is no guarantee of coverage.

I would be happy to connect with you for a complimentary discovery call! You can schedule that here.

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