$175 for Unlimited Prolon FMD kits! 

All you need for 5 days worth of food is in one box ready to go!

We are running a first time ever Black Friday sale for all Prolon FMD kits for $175!  

This never seen before price includes shipping and ends November 30th or until supply runs out, so now is a great time to plan for our New Year’s Fast Week, January 4-8, 2021.  Order as many as you want!

You don’t have to wait until January to do the FMD but were running this sale until November 30th because life is just too busy over the holidays to think about it, so order your kits now!!

Act NOW and get 30 Fast Bars Free as a bonus:)


Click HERE to purchase your Prolon FMD Kits now.


Click HERE to learn more about Prolon FMD and if it is right for you.

Remember this sale ENDS November 30th and goes back up to $210 (which is still $40 less than retail).


Stumped on what you want to get a friend or family member for the holidays?  PROLON!!


Health is our greatest asset so this is the perfect gift for yourself and your family/friends


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